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Benefits of using BuildingRegs4Plans

Creating the list of Building Notes for Building Plans can be a long-winded task. The App on our site takes the hard work out of this essential part of Drawing Plans, going a step beyond guidance with pre-prepared construction notes and easy-to-use menus so that you can add Building Regs Notes as you need them.

Site features:

  • Access to our Building Notes.
  • Carefully prepared Building Notes written by Building Control Professionals.
    • Categorised Building Regs notes within our slick App, allowing you to easily find the specifications that you want.

    Adding a Building Regs Specification

    • Wide range of notes for different specifications eg for different rafter sizes, spans etc.
    • An edit function to edit notes where you cannot find one to met your exact requirements.
  • Compilation of Building Regulations Notes into a single Construction Specification / Note-List that can be copied and pasted into your CAD drawing-program.
  • Building Regs Specs for House Extensions, Loft and Garage Conversions.
  • Construction Detail Warm Pitched Roof
  • Very Fast Website, optimised for speed. The App updates according to your choices, in milliseconds. Try it and see!
  • Building Regs Notes that take into account the October 2010 changes to UK Building Regulations (England and Wales).
  • The Specs are applicable to work undertaken in England & Wales only.
  • Specially prepared Construction Detail Drawings available in AutoCAD-native DWG and JPEG formats (drawings available for purchase but entirely optional).
  • Tested in most current version of common browsers including Iinternet Explorer 8, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Safari.

The App enables you to complete your whole note-list / specification but alternatively you may just come to grab individual notes as needed.

Sample Building Notes

Note: There are hundreds of Building Regulations Specifications (compiled by Building Control Professionals) on our Building Regs Apps for Extensions, Loft and Garage Connversions. Please Register Here for commercial use of all of the Apps including Loft and Garage Conversions. Checkout the Extensions App here.

STRIP FOUNDATION Provide 225mm x 600mm concrete foundation, concrete mix to conform to BS EN 206-1 and BS 8500-2. All foundations to be a minimum of 1000mm below ground level, exact depth to be agreed on site with Building Control Officer to suit site conditions. All constructed in accordance with 2004 Building Regulations A1/2 and BS 8004:1986 Code of Practice for Foundations. Ensure foundations are constructed below invert level of any adjacent drains. Base of foundations supporting internal walls to be min 600mm below ground level. Sulphate resistant cement to be used if required. Please note that should any adverse soil conditions be found or any major tree roots in excavations, the Building Control Officer is to be contacted and the advice of a structural engineer should be sought.

Many more Building Regs Specs for extension foundations here.

DPC Provide horizontal strip polymer (hyload) damp proof course to both leafs minimum 150mm above external ground level. New DPC to be made continuous with existing DPC’s and with floor DPM. Vertical DPC to be installed at all reveals where cavity is closed.

WARM FLAT ROOF (imposed load max 1.0 kN/m² - dead load max 0.75 kN/m²) To achieve U value 0.18 W/m²K 12.5mm spa solar reflective chippings to achieve aa designated fire rating for surface spread of flame bedded in bitumen on three layer felt to BS 747 laid to CP144 on 22mm external quality ply over 120mm Kingspan Thermaroof TR27. Insulation bonded to 22mm exterior grade plywood on firrings to give 1:60 fall on 47 x 145mm C24 timber joists at 400 ctrs max span 3.22m (see engineer's details for sizes). Ceilings of 12.5mm plasterboard over vapour barrier with skim plaster finish. Provide restraint to flat roof by fixing of 30 x 5 x 1000mm ms galvanised lateral restraint straps at maximum 2000mm centres fixed to 100 x 50mm wall plates and anchored to wall. THIS IS A GENERAL GUIDE BASED ON NORMAL LOADING CONDITIONS FOUND IN DOMESTIC CONSTRUCTION. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO ASSESS YOUR DESIGN TO ASCERTAIN WHETHER ENGINEER'S DETAILS/CALCULATIONS ARE REQUIRED. PLEASE REFER TO THE TRADA DOCUMENT – 'SPAN TABLES FOR SOLID TIMBER MEMBERS IN FLOORS, CEILINGS AND ROOFS FOR DWELLINGS' OR ASK YOUR BUILDING CONTROL OFFICER FOR ADVICE.

Many more Building Regs Specs for extension roofs here.

EXTRACT TO KITCHEN Kitchen to have mechanical ventalition with an extract rating of 60l/sec or 30l/sec if adjacent to hob to external air, sealed to prevent entry of moisture. Internal doors should be provided with a 10mm gap below the door to aid air circulation. Ventilation provision in accordance with the Domestic ventilation compliance guide. Intermittent extract fans to BS EN 13141-4. Cooker hoods to BS EN 13141-3. All fixed mechanical ventilation systems, where they can be tested and adjusted, shall be commissioned and a commissioning notice given to the Building Control Body.

NEW AND REPLACEMENT WINDOWS New and replacement windows to be double glazed + 16mm argon gap + soft coat low-E glass. Window Energy Rating Band C or better and to achieve U-value of 1.6 W/m²K. The door and window openings should be limited to 25% of the extension floor area minus the area of any existing openings covered by the extension.

INTERMEDIATE FLOORS Intermediate floor to be 25mm t&g flooring grade chipboard or floorboards laid on C24 joists at 400mm cts (see engineers calculation for sizes and details). Lay 100mm Rockwool mineral fibre quilt insulation min 10kg/m³ or equivalent between floors joists. Ceiling to be 12.5 fireline plasterboard with skim plaster set and finish. Joists spans over 2.5m to be strutted at mid span using 38 x 38 herringbone strutting or 38mm solid strutting (at least 2/3 of joist depth). In areas such as kitchens, utility rooms and bathrooms flooring to be moisture resistant grade in accordance with BS7331:1990). Identification marking must be laid upper most to allow easy identification. Provide lateral restraint where joists run parallel to walls, floors are to be strapped to walls with 1000mm x 30mm x 5mm galvanised mild steel straps or other approved in compliance with BS EN 845-1 at max 2.0m centres, straps to be taken across minimum 3 no. joists. Straps to be built into walls. Provide 38mm wide x ¾ depth solid noggins between joists at strap positions.

SUSPENDED BLOCK AND BEAM FLOOR Remove top soil & vegetation, apply weed killer – The underside of beams not less than 150mm above the top of the ground. PCC beams to be supplied and fixed to beam manufacturer's plan, layout and details (details and calculations to be sent to Building Control and approved before works commence). Minimum bearing 100mm onto DPC course and load bearing walls. Provide concrete blocks to BS6073 pt.1, wet and grout all joints with 1:4 cement/sand mix. Provide double beams below non-load bearing partitions. Lay 1200g DPM/radon barrier, with 300mm laps double welted and taped at joints and service entry points using radon gas proof tape, over beam & block floor. Lay floor insulation over DPM, 75mm Kingspan Kooltherm K3 applied as a rigid material. Lay 500g separating layer over insulation and provide 75mm sand/cement screed over and prepare for floor finishes as required. The top surface of the ground cover under the building shall be above the finished level of the adjoining ground. Ventilation - Provide cross-ventilation of the under floor to outside air by ventilators in at least 2 opposite external walls of the building. Ventilation openings having an opening area of 1500mm² per metre run of perimeter wall or 500mm² per square metre of floor area, whichever is the greater. Sleeper walls shall be of honeycombed construction or have provision for distribution of ventilation.

Many more Building Regs Specs for extension floors here.

WARM PITCHED ROOF UNVENTED Pitch 22-45° (imposed load max 0.75 kN/m² - dead load max 0.75 kN/m²) To achieve min U-value required of 0.18 W/m²K Roofing tiles to match existing fixed to tile battens secured over breathable sarking felt to BS747 or relevant BBA Certificate allowing the breather felt to sag at least 10mm over preservative treated counter battens (min 38mm x 50mm). Provide 110mm Celotex FR4000 insulation boards installed under the counter battens and over 47 x 100mm timber rafters (strength class C24 at 400 c/c – to give a max 2.58m span). A vapour control layer should be provided to the underside of the rafters. Finish with 12.5 plasterboard and skim. Restraint strapping - Ceiling joists tied to rafters (if raised collar roof consult structural engineer) and 100mm x 50mm wall plate strapped down to walls across at least 3 timbers using 1000 x 30 x 5mm galvanized straps or other approved to BSEN 845-1 and appropriate noggins at 1.2m centres built into cavity in accordance with CP111 Part 2. Gable walls to be strapped to rafters using galvanized steel built into cavity strapping at 2m ctrs and fixed over 3 rafters with noggins.

PARTIAL FILL CAVITY WALL To achieve minimum U Value of 0.28W/m²K 20mm two coat sand/cement render to comply to BS 5262 with waterproof additive on 100mm lightweight block K value 0.11 or lower, e.g. Celcon Solar, Thermalite Turbo. 50mm clear residual cavity, 40mm Celotex CG4000 fixed to Inner leaf 100mm block K value 0.11 or lower, e.g. Celcon Solar, Thermalite Turbo. Internal finish to be 12.5 mm plasterboard on dabs. Walls to be built with 1:1:6 cement mortar.

Many more Building Regs Specs for extension walls here.

TIMBER FRAME WALL To achieve minimum U Value of 0.28W/m²K Render finish (to comply with BS 5262) - applied in 3 coats at least 20mm thick to stainless steel render lath. Render should be finished onto an approved render stop. Render lath fixed to vertical 25 x 50mm preservative-treated battens to provide vented and drained cavity, battens fixed vertically to breathable membrane (having a vapour resistance of not more than 0.6 MNs/g) on 12mm thick WPD external quality plywood sheathing (or other approved). Ply fixed to treated timber frame studs constructed using 100mm x 50mm head & sole plates and vertical studs (with noggins) at 400mm ctrs or to s/engineer's details & calculations. Insulation between and over studs; 60mm Celotex FR4000 between plus VCL and 37.5mm Celotex PL4000 over. Finish with 3mm skim coat of finishing plaster. All junctions to have water tight construction, seal all perimeter joints with tape internally and with silicon sealant externally.

UNDERGROUND FOUL DRAINAGE Underground drainage to consist of 100mm diameter UPVC proprietary pipe work to give a 1:40 fall. Surround pipes in 400mm pea shingle (900mm under drives). Shallow pipes to be covered with 100mm reinforced concrete slab over compressible material. Provide rodding access at all changes of direction and junctions. All below ground drainage to comply with BS7158 and BS801.

More Building Regs Specs for extension drainage here.

Clear construction Notes like these can be added to your specification with just a few clicks, with our Apps!

To begin compiling your Building Regulations Specification with our App, choose either House Extension, New Build, Flat Conversion, Loft Conversion or Garage Conversion.

Construction Specifications for Home Extension, Loft & Garage Conversion Plans - Help, Advice & Guidance
House Extensions Guidance

When compiling Building Regulations Notes for House Extensions, bear in mind that Building Control or your Approved Inspector will want to see a comprehensive list of Building Specifications including floor type (eg solid floor), roof construction, wall type and construction, and foundation type.

The House Extensions Specifications should include notes covering aspects of Fire Safety such as smoke detection, and Escape Windows from First Floor Rooms, where applicable.

Structural Calculations and Details should also be included as part of the Building Control / Approved Inspector Submission.

Work through the categories on the left side of our House Extensions App to make sure you have included necessary specifications.

You should always check with your Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector for guidance regarding any additional details that may be required.

Loft Conversions Guidance

As well as notes for standard construction details, Loft Conversions Specifications should include notes for:

  • Provisions for Means of Escape in Case of Fire
  • Dormer Walls and Roofs
  • Upgrading of existing external walls, party walls and roofs
  • Dwarf / Ashlar Walls
  • Stairs
  • Upgrading of internal floors for fire resistance

Work through the categories on the left side of our Loft Conversions App to make sure you have included necessary specifications.

Structural Calculations and Details should also be included as part of the Building Control / Approved Inspector Submission.

Check with your Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector for guidance regarding additional details that may be required.

Garage Conversions Guidance

In addition to the Building Regulations notes for the standard construction details, Garage Conversions Specifications should include notes for:

  • New Infill External Walls
  • Upgrading existing external walls
  • Upgrade party walls and roofs, if required
  • Upgrading of existing floors including thermal and damp upgrade

Work through the categories on the left-hand panel of our Garage Conversions App to make sure you have included necessary building specifications.

You should always check with your Local Authority Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector for guidance regarding any additional details that may be required.

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