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Construction Detail Drawings - Quick Links

As well as the drawings shown with the relevant Building Regulations Specifications, we have a section of quick links where you can easily access a range of common drawings taken from Home Extensions, Loft and Garage Conversions for use on your Building Regulations Plans for submission to Building Control or Approved Inspectors.

A Step beyond Building Regulations Guidance for Home Extensions, Loft, Flat & Garage Conversion & Garage Build Specifications
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Beyond Building Regulations Guidance - Extensions, Flat, Loft & Garage Conversions, Basement Conversions, Garage Builds and New Builds
A Selection of Detail Drawings by Categories. This is just a Small Sample from our Drawing Library.

Construction Detail Drawings are available in DWG (AutoCAD), DXF and JPEG formats.

New Detail Drawings

New Detail Drawings available for purchase here.

Detail Drawing

Drawing Compatibility

Check compatibility with your system here, with our sample detail drawings.

For many of our Building Notes there is a Construction Detail Drawing that can be purchased for a moderate fee for use in your architectural house extension, loft or garage conversion plans.

Timber Frame Tile Hung Wall

Timber Frame Tile Hung Wall

To purchase construction detail drawings for your plans, go to the relevant specification in the App (House Extension, Loft Conversion or Garage Conversion Sections) & Add drawing(s) To Your Basket.

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Why not register for a BuildingRegs4Plans Premium account with immediate access to the detail drawings?

The beauty of this system is that when you add one of our Building Regs notes to your specification you can download the corresponding drawing straightaway!

For a small selection of common detail drawings, see:

3D Detail Supporting Info

3d Images
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See here for info on complying with the April 2014 changes to Part L of the Building Regulations Approved Documents, (Part L1a Domestic).

For domestic builds, Building Regulations changes on 6th April 2014 affect Approved Document L1a & require new build homes to achieve a 6% carbon improvement on 2010... more info...

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Building Regs Changes Oct 2015

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Arcon CAD Software

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A new set of Web Apps & Detail Drawings were launched at the end of July for changes to the Wales Building Regulations Part L.

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Timber Frame Detail

Timber Frame Wall Interactive 3d Detail now live.

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Building Regs Specs inline with Trada Tables

Loft Conversion & House Extension Building Regulations Specifications updated inline with latest Trada Tables.

Building Regulations Revisions April 2014
House Extensions Guidance

When compiling Building Regulations Notes for House Extensions, bear in mind that Building Control or your Approved Inspector will want to see a comprehensive list of Building Specifications including floor type (eg solid floor), roof construction, wall type and construction, and foundation type.

The House Extensions Specifications should include notes covering aspects of Fire Safety such as smoke detection, and Escape Windows from First Floor Rooms, where applicable.

Structural Calculations and Details should also be included as part of the Building Control / Approved Inspector Submission.

Work through the categories on the left side of our House Extensions App to make sure you have included necessary specifications.

You should always check with your Building Control Officer or Approved Inspector for guidance regarding any additional details that may be required.

Loft Conversions Guidance
Garage Conversions Guidance
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What do I get for my registration Fee?

There are 2 main registration Schemes providing the following benefits.

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We take payments primarily via Paypal. Paypal offer a good degree of Buyer protection. More info here

Thousands of very satisfied users have registered over the six years during which the site has been running. Most of our users praise the service as very beneficial, helpful and reliable. Plus, very good value.

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Building Regulations - advice and guidance
Building Plans with Specification

Specifications for Home Extension, New Build, Flat Conversion, Loft & Garage Conversion, New Build Flats and Garage Build Plans

The Construction Notes & Specifications form an essential component of a Building Regulations plans submission for Building Control or for an Approved Inspector.

Building Regulations Guidance Notes and Approved Documents are an aid to compiling Construction Notes for drawings but preparing a clear and concise specification for an Application can prove to be an arduous task.

This is where our innovative and easy-to-use App for producing Building Regulations Specifications for Home Extension, Loft, Flat and Garage Conversion, Garage Build and New Build Plans comes into its own, offering more than standard construction guidance.

Here's a screenshot of the Building Regulations Specification App (for house extensions):

Building Regulations for Extensions Screenshot

Our categorised pre-prepared Building Regulations Construction Notes can be added within the App with a few clicks of the mouse into a specification that is custom-designed to meet the requirements of your Building Project.

Many of our construction notes are very specific, so please select the correct one for your situation (ie correct dimensions, type of insulation) and type of plans (ie house extensions, loft, flat, garage conversions or garage builds), eg

SOLID FLOOR INSULATION OVER SLAB To meet min U value required of 0.22 W/m²K Solid ground floor to consist of 150mm consolidated well rammed hardcore. Blinded with 50mm sand blinding. Provide 100mm ST2 or Gen1 reinforced concrete ground bearing slab under a 1200mm gauge polythene dpm or 3 coats RIW. Dpm to be lapped in with dpc in walls. Floor to be insulated over slab and dpm with min 75m thick Celotex GA4000, 25mm Celotex insulation to continue around floor perimeters to avoid thermal bridging. A vcl should be laid over the Celotex insulation boards and turned up 100mm at room perimeters behind the skirting, all joints to be lapped 150mm and sealed. Finish with 65mm sand/cement finishing screed with light mesh reinforcement. Where drain runs pass under new floor provide A142 mesh 1.0m wide and min 50mm concrete cover over length of drain. Where existing suspended timber floor air bricks are covered by new extension, ensure cross ventilation is maintained by connecting to 100mm dia upvc pipes with 100mm concrete cover laid under the extension. Pipes to terminate at new 65mm x 215mm air bricks with cavity tray over.

However, the site makes it easy to choose your specification.

The note above would be found by navigating through the App in the House Extensions section::

Ground Floors Solid Floor Insulation Over Slab Screed Finish 75mm Celotex

Concise Notes like these shown above, can be added to your house extension specification with just a few clicks in our app! (You can also add the associated construction detail drawing to your basket.)

Another example (from House Extensions):

WARM PITCHED ROOF UNVENTED Pitch 22-45° (imposed load max 0.75 kN/m² - dead load max 0.75 kN/m²)To achieve min U-value required of 0.18 W/m²K Roofing tiles to match existing fixed to tile battens secured over breathable sarking felt to BS747 or relevant BBA Certificate allowing the breather felt to sag at least 10mm over preservative treated counter battens (min 38mm x 50mm). Provide 110mm Celotex FR4000 insulation boards installed under the counter battens and over 47 x 100mm timber rafters (strength class C24 at 400 c/c – to give a max 2.58m span). A vapour control layer should be provided to the underside of the rafters. Finish with 12.5 plasterboard and skim. Restraint strapping - Ceiling joists tied to rafters (if raised collar roof consult structural engineer) and 100mm x 50mm wall plate strapped down to walls across at least 3 timbers using 1000 x 30 x 5mm galvanized straps or other approved to BSEN 845-1 and appropriate noggins at 1.2m centres built into cavity in accordance with CP111 Part 2. Gable walls to be strapped to rafters using galvanized steel built into cavity strapping at 2m ctrs and fixed over 3 rafters with noggins.

Other Building Regulations Construction Notes in our app are supplied with just a single version such as (from House Extension, Loft and Garage Conversions):

ELECTRICAL All electrical work required to meet the requirements of Part P (electrical safety) must be designed, installed, inspected and tested by a competent person registered under a competent person self certification scheme such as BRE certification Ltd, BSI, NICEIC Certification Services or Zurich Ltd. An appropriate BS7671 Electrical Installation Certificate is to be issued for the work by a person competent to do so. A copy of a certificate will be given to the Council.

And (from House Extensions)

LEAD WORK AND FLASHINGS All lead flashings, any valleys or soakers to be Code 5 lead and laid according to Lead Development Association. Flashings to be provided to all jambs and below window openings with welded upstands. Joints to be lapped min 150mm and lead to be dressed 200mm under tiles, etc. All work to be undertaken in accordance with the Lead Development Association recommendations.

The note above can be found at:

Roofs Lead Work

To tryout our Building Regulations Specification App, you can begin straightaway by clicking one of the main category buttons above, House Extensions, Loft Conversions, Flat Conversions, Garage Conversions, New Build or Garage Build. To access the Loft Conversion, Garage Conversion, Flat Conversion, New Build or Garage Build Specifications you'll need to register for an account. But you can see our House Extension specifications on the app (although the 'copy' function has been disabled for non-registered users.)

If you want some help and guidance before getting started please look at our Quick Start Guide or watch the 3-minute Quick Start Video. There are also information pages that you should read for New Builds and Flat Conversions as well as an FAQ page.

Construction Detail Drawing Warm Pitched Roof

We believe that Building Regs 4 Plans can take the hard work out of manually creating a Construction specification from Building Regulations Guidance Notes and the Approved Documents.

Lastly, we hope that you enjoy using our website and app!


Building Regulations Submission / Application -Home Extensions - Loft, Flat & Garage Conversions - Help, Advice & Guidance
Construction Detail Drawings - Quick Links

As well as the drawings shown with the relevant Building Regulations Specifications, we have a section of quick links where you can easily access a range of common drawings taken from Home Extensions, Loft and Garage Conversions for use on your Building Regulations Plans for submission to Building Control or Approved Inspectors.

A Step beyond Building Regulations Guidance for Home Extensions, Loft, Flat & Garage Conversion & Garage Build Specifications
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